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Masjid Warith-Deen Mohammed (Houston, Texas)

Address: 6641 Bellfort Street, Houston, TX, 77087
Place: Houston
State: TX - Texas
Postcal Code: 77087
Telephone: +1 713-649-7789 Fax: N / A
Other Names: Isgh Sez, Turkish Center Mosque

Mosque Notes

Founded in the 1950’s in the barber shop of Charlie Boyd, the community of the Houston Masjid of Al-Islam is Houston’s oldest and most historic Muslim Community.  The Houston Masjid of Al-Islam began as Temple #45 in of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  The Houston Masjid of Al-Islam transitioned to the universal message of Al-Islam with the passing of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad following the eminent Muslim American Scholar and pioneer of Islam in the United States the late Honorable Imam W. Deen Mohammed. 

The Houston Masjid of Al-Islam moved from location to location from the mid 1950’s until 1978.  In 1978 the Houston Masjid of Al-Islam purchased a former Christian Scientist Church with funds donated by heavy weight champion Muhammad Ali and converted it into a masjid.  The converted masjid located @ 6641 Bellfort remained the home of the Houston Masjid of Al-Islam until the building was destroyed by hurricane Ike in September of 2008.  The Houston Masjid of Al-Islam has plans to begin construction of a new 5700 square feet mosque that will serve as landmark for the historical legacy of Al-Islam in Houston.

Houston Masjid Of Al-Islam 1950s

Several Masaajid (mosques) have grown out of the Houston Masjid of

Al-Islam including Masjid Ta’leem Mohammed, Masjid An-Nur and Masjid Al-Qur’an.  The Houston Masjid was also the birthplace of the Muslim American Cultural Association and Mercy Community Center.  There are plans in development for the establishment of other mosques and community centers as the mission continues to grow in Houston.

The Houston Masjid of Al-Islam has a strong History of dynamic leadership.  Since 1978 all of the Imam’s at the Houston Masjid of Al-Islam were students of the Honorable ImamW. Deen Mohammed.  Each Imams administration experienced unique and progressive accomplishments.  Below are a list of the Imams who have served at the Houston Masjid of Al-Islam.

Prayer Times

Gregorian Date: 21-04-2021
Hijri Date: 09-09-1442
Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Fajr 05:39
Sunrise 06:48
Dhur 13:20
Asr 16:55
Sunset 19:52
Magrib 19:52
Isha 21:01
Imask 05:29