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Ramadan Kareem! Salaam Brothers and Sisters this year Ramadan will start Monday, 12 /13 April 2021

Islamic Center of Mississippi (Starkville, Mississippi)

Address: 204 Herbert Street, Starkville, MS, 39759
Place: Starkville
State: MS - Mississippi
Postcal Code: 39759
Telephone: +1 (662)-323-6559 Fax: +1 (662)-323-6559
Other Names: N / A

Mosque Notes

The Islamic Center of Mississippi (ICM) strives to maintain a happy society. Happiness in this world and in the hereafter can only be achieved by obeying Allah’s commands and practice worship to him only; to enlighten ourselves and others according to Allah’s words and teachings of his messenger Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him); and to love and help each other. ICM (Masjid Al-Huda) is more than just a place for worshiping Allah (Subhanahu WaTaala). We are an organization that serves a unique society with multiple needs and demands, ranging from daily prayers to providing comfort and knowledge to its members. We believe that active participation of our members and unity among ourselves are key ingredients to fulfill such needs and demands

Prayer Times

Gregorian Date: 21-04-2021
Hijri Date: 09-09-1442
Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Fajr 05:05
Sunrise 06:17
Dhur 12:54
Asr 16:34
Sunset 19:31
Magrib 19:31
Isha 20:43
Imask 04:55