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The Mother Mosque of America (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Address: 1335 9th St NW, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52405
Place: Cedar Rapids
State: IA - Iowa
Postcal Code: 52405
Telephone: 319-366-3150 Fax: 319-366-3150
Other Names: Mother Mosque of North America, The Rose of Fraternity Lodge, Moslem Temple

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Mosque Notes

The Mother Mosque of America, once known as The Rose of Fraternity Lodge, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the first permanent structure to be built specifically to serve as a mosque in the United States. Construction was completed on February 15, 1934. This small structure served as a place of worship for Muslims for nearly forty years. When a larger local mosque, the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, was built in 1971, the building was sold. Successive owners over the next twenty years allowed the building to fall in to disrepair.

In 1990 the Islamic Council of Iowa purchased the building, refurbished it, and restored its status as a Muslim cultural center. The effort was mainly organized by the local Muslim community led by Imam Taha Tawil and Dr. Thomas B. Irving, Dr. Mohammad Islami, Dr. M. Eyad Dughly, Don Singer, Albert Aossey and many others.

The Mother Mosque of America
1335 9th Street NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Phone: 319-366-3150
fax: 319-366-3150

Imam: Taha Tawil
Phone: 319-310-6159

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