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Ramadan Kareem! Salaam Brothers and Sisters this year Ramadan will start Monday, 12 /13 April 2021

Islamic Center of Russellville (Russellville, Arkansas)

Address: 2001 W. Parkway Dr, Russellville, AR, 72802
Place: Russellville
State: AR - Arkansas
Postcal Code: 72802
Telephone: 479-857-1241 / 918-960-7488 Fax: N / A
Other Names: N / A

Mosque Notes

The number of Muslims in Russellville has significantly increased in the past few years and the total population of Muslims here has reached close to 250. This includes families, businesses, teachers and students.

For the past 20 years the obligatory prayers and the Jumuah (Friday) prayers were being observed at a small room at the university. This had helped the community tremendously and we are very thankful to the ATU for giving us the opportunity to practice our faith. However, due to this increase in community and help that it would create for Muslims in the neighboring counties and cities to come pray Eid prayers, break their fast during Ramadan and pray Jumuah (Friday) prayers we decided to have our own masjid.

Prayer Times

Gregorian Date: 18-04-2021
Hijri Date: 06-09-1442
Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Fajr 05:22
Sunrise 06:36
Dhur 13:12
Asr 16:53
Sunset 19:48
Magrib 19:48
Isha 21:02
Imask 05:12