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Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Address: 3815 St. Clair Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK, 73112
Place: Oklahoma City
State: OK - Oklahoma
Postcal Code: 73112
Telephone: +1 405-946-2116 Fax: N / A
Other Names: Masjid An-Nasr, ISGOC
Gregorian Date: 26-11-2020
Hijri Date: 10-04-1442
Method: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Fajr 06:03
Sunrise 07:17
Dhur 12:18
Asr 15:00
Sunset 17:18
Magrib 17:18
Isha 18:33
Imask 05:53

Mosque Notes

To deliver the balanced message of Islam through innovative methods of Dawah and reach out to people of faith at the local, national and international level.

The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) was established in 1997 in the heart of Oklahoma City. Founded by a group of local Muslims, ISGOC has grown to become the largest Islamic Center in the state of Oklahoma, servicing Muslims throughout Oklahoma City, and surrounding areas.The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City is a full time Islamic Center, offering services for Muslims and individuals of all faiths. In addition to the daily prayers and Friday congregational prayers, ISGOC offers classes in the basics of Islam, Fiqh, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, and more. For those wanting to learn about Islam for the first time, ISGOC has an excellent outreach program specializing in introductory topics of Islam.


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