Chapter: 26 Sura: 17: ""(Who commands you) to send the Children of Israel with us".' 26|18|(So when Moses and Aaron went t...." / The Holy Quran - Read whole verse

""(Who commands you) to send the Children of Israel with us".' 26|18|(So when Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh) he said (to Moses), `Did we not bring you up among us when you were a mere babe? And you stayed with us many years of your life. 26|19|`And you have surely committed an act (of homicide), and you are of the ungrateful.' 26|20|(Moses) said, `Indeed I did it (then inadvertently and) as I was lost (for the love of my people and was in a perplexed state of mind). 26|21|`So I fled from you when I apprehended (injustice from) you; then (it came to pass that) my Lord granted me knowledge and (right) judgment and made me (one) of the Messengers. 26|22|`And this insignificant favour (of your bringing me up) that you (so tauntingly) remind me of (can be no reasonable excuse) for you have enslaved (the whole community of) the Children of Israel (for no fault of theirs).' 26|23|Pharaoh (was confounded and turning the topic of the conversation) said, `What is (this) Lord of the world (by whom you claim to be sent?)' 26|24|(Moses) said, `(In respect of apace) He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and of all that lies between the two; if you (and your companions) be convinced (of this true knowledge and have faith in Him).' 26|25|(Thereupon Pharaoh) said to those around him, `Do you not hear (what is being said)?' 26|26|(Moses continued, `He is the same Who is) your Lord and the Lord of your fathers of yore.' 26|27|(Pharaoh) said, `Most surely, this Messenger of yours who has been sent to you is a mad man indeed.' 26|28|(Moses) said (continuing his speech), `(In respect of time the Lord of the worlds is the same as) the Lord of the east and of the west and of all that lies between the two. (You can be rightly guided) if you could only use your senses.' 26|29|(Pharaoh) said, `If you worship any god other than me, I will certainly make you one of the imprisoned.' 26|30|(Moses) said, `(Will you do this,) even though I bring to you something that makes (the truth of my statement) clear to you?' 26|31|(Pharaoh) said, `Bring it then, if you are of the truthful.' 26|32|So he put his staff (on the ground) and behold, it was a serpent plainly visible. 26|33|And he stuck his hand out and lo! it was (shining) white to the beholders. 26|34|(Pharaoh) said to the courtiers around him, `This (man) is surely a skilled sorcerer, 26|35|`Who seeks to turn you out of your country by dint of his sorcery. Now, what do you advise?' 26|36|They said, `Detain him and his brother for a while and send heralds into the cities to collect; 26|37|`And bring to you all skilled and very expert sorcerers.' 26|38|So the sorcerers were gathered together at the appointed time and place on a fixed day. 26|39|And it was said to the people, `Will you (also) assemble together (in the field of contest); 26|40|`So that we may follow the sorcerers if they win clear supremacy.' 26|41|So when all the sorcerers came they said to Pharaoh, `Shall we be really and richly rewarded if we gain clear supremacy?' 26|42|He said, `Yes, and surely you will in that case be among my close companions.' 26|43|Moses said to them, `(Now) put forward (of your things of sorcery), what you have to put forward.' 26|44|So they put down (on the ground) their ropes and their staffs and said, `By Pharaoh's honour and might it is we who will certainly be the winners.' 26|45|Then Moses put down (on the ground) his staff; lo! it instantly destroyed all that they had fabricated. 26|46|Thereupon the sorcerers were impelled to fall down prostrating; 26|47|And they said, `We believe in the Lord of the worlds; 26|48|`The Lord of Moses and Aaron.' 26|49|(Pharaoh) said, `Have you believed in him before I gave you leave? Indeed he is your chief, the same who taught you sorcery. So you will soon know (your horrible end). I will most surely cut off your hands and your feet on alternate sides for (your this) opposition (to me); and I will crucify you to death one and all.' 26|50|They said, `It does not matter at all. We have, after all, to return to our Lord. 26|51|`We do hope that our Lord will forgive us our offences, since we are the first to believe.' 26|52|And We revealed to Moses (directing him), `Take away My servants by night for you shall certainly be pursued.' 26|53|Pharaoh (when he came to know of the exodus) sent heralds to the towns to collect (troops and announce saying), 26|54|`These (Israelites) are indeed a despicable party, a few in number, 26|55|`Yet they have offended us (by defying us and making good their escape), 26|56|`And we are, (as compared with them,) a united multitude, fully equipped and vigilant.' 26|57|So We made them (- Pharaoh and his troops) leave the land of gardens and springs, 26|58|As well as (every place with) treasures and every abode of honour (and grandeur). 26|59|That is what We did (for their wrong- doings). And We gave (the like of) these (- gardens and springs) as a free gift to the Children of Israel. 26|60|And they (- the hosts of Pharaoh) pursued them at sunrise. 26|61|And when the two hosts sighted each other the companions of Moses said, `We are surely overtaken.' 26|62|(Moses) said, `No, not at all, my Lord is with me, He will lead me out of the impasse (and to safety).' 26|63|Then We revealed to Moses (saying), `Strike the sea with your staff. (And as he did) so it parted, and each part (of the two hosts) looked like a huge mound. 26|64|And We caused the others (the pursuers, the people of Pharaoh,) draw near the same place. 26|65|And We saved Moses and those who were with him all together. 26|66|Then We drowned the others. 26|67|Behold! there is a (marvelous) sign in this (episode), yet most of them would not be believers. 26|68|And indeed your Lord, He is the All-Mighty (to crush His enemies), the Ever Merciful (towards His servants). 26|69|And narrate to them the important event (of the life) of Abraham. 26|70|When he said to his sire and his people, `What things are those which you worship?' 26|71|`We worship idols and will remain constantly devoted to them,' said they. 26|72|Abraham said, `Can they listen to you when you call (on them)? 26|73|`Or can they do you good or avert harm from you?' 26|74|They said, `Nay, it is not so, but we found our fathers doing likewise.' 26|75|(Abraham) said, `But have you (ever) considered what you have been worshipping, 26|76|`You and your fathers before you, 26|77|`They are (all) enemies to me. Different however is the case of the Lord of the world (Who is kind to me). 26|78|`He has created me and it is He Who will guide me to reach the goal. 26|79|`And Who gives me food and drink, 26|80|`And Who restores me to health, (through His grace and mercy), whenever I am taken ill (due to some fault of mine), 26|81|`And Who will call me to death and then will raise me to life (again). 26|82|`And Who, I eagerly hope, will protect me from (the undesirable consequences of) my faults on the Day of Requital.' 26|83|(Abraham then turned to his Lord and said,) `My Lord! grant me strong and right judgment and make me follow and join the righteous. 26|84|`And ordain for me a noble, true and lasting reputation among posterity; 26|85|`And make me one of the heirs of the Garden of Great Bliss. 26|86|`And protect my sire (- âzar against his faults), he is of course of the erring ones. 26|87|`And do not put me to shame and disgrace on the day when people will be resurrected, 26|88|`The day when wealth will not avail, nor sons (be of any good), 26|89|`But (he alone will be saved) who comes to Allâh with a sound and pure heart.' 26|90|(The day when) Paradise will be brought near to those who guard against evil, 26|91|And Gehenna shall be unveiled and placed in full view to those (wretched ones) who had deviated from the right path; 26|92|And who shall be asked, `Where are (your deities) that you worshipped, 26|93|`Apart from Allâh? Can they come to your help or inflict punishment?' 26|94|Then they (- the false deities) shall all be hurled headlong into the depths of it (- the Hell), again and again, and along with them all those (wretched fellows) who had deviated from the right path. 26|95|And the supporters of Iblîs all together. 26|96|They will say disputing therein (- in the Hell) among themselves, 26|97|`By Allâh! we were certainly in manifest (and deep) error, 26|98|`In holding you (- deities) as equal with the Lord of the worlds, 26|99|`And none but those who cut off their ties with Allâh led us astray, 26|100|`So that (now) we have none of the intercessors, 26|101|`Nor any warm-hearted true friend. 26|102|`Could we have but another (chance to) return (to the world) then we would surely become of the (true) believers.' 26|103|Verily, there is a remarkable sign in this (episode of Abraham's life), yet most of the people would not be believers. 26|104|And of course your Lord, He is the All-Mighty (to crush and obliterate His enemies and), the Ever Merciful (to the supporters of true faith). 26|105|The people of Noah cried lies to the Messengers. 26|106|(Recall the time) when their kinsman Noah said to them, `Will you not guard against evil? 26|107|`Surely, I am to you a Messenger, faithful to (my) trust. 26|108|`So take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|109|`And I ask no reward from you for it (- the delivery of the Message of God). My reward lies with the Lord of the worlds alone. 26|110|`So take Allâh as a shield and obey me.' 26|111|They (- the disbelievers) said, `Shall we believe in you whereas (we see that) only the people of a very low status follow you?' 26|112|He said, `I have no knowledge what (good) deeds they did (in the past that now they have the honour to accept the truth). 26|113|`It is only up to my Lord to call them to account; if you could but perceive. 26|114|`I cannot drive away the believers (thinking them to be of low status). 26|115|`I am but a plain Warner.' 26|116|`Noah!' they said, `If you do not desist, you shall be excommunicated or done away with.' 26|117|(Noah) said (praying), `My Lord! my people have treated me as a liar, 26|118|`So judge between me and them, a decisive judgment, and deliver me and the believers who are with me.' 26|119|So We delivered him and all those who were with him by means of the fully-laden Ark. 26|120|Then after that We drowned the remaining ones. 26|121|Behold! there is a great sign in this (episode), yet most of them would not be believers. 26|122|And indeed your Lord, He is the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful. 26|123|(The tribe of) `âd (too) cried lies to the Messengers (sent to them). 26|124|(Recall the time) when their kinsman Hûd said to them, `Will you not guard against evil? 26|125|`Surely, I am to you a Messenger; faithful to (my) trust. 26|126|`Therefore take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|127|`I ask no reward from you for this (service I render). My reward lies only with the Lord of the worlds. 26|128|`What is (wrong with you)? You build a monument on every prominent place, in vain you do it. 26|129|`And you raise fortresses in the hope that you will abide till long. 26|130|`And when you lay hold (on anyone), you do it like tyrants. 26|131|`You should take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|132|`And take Him as a shield Who has helped you with all (the favours and blessings) that you know of. 26|133|`He has helped you with cattle and sons, 26|134|`And gardens and springs. 26|135|`Indeed, I fear lest the punishment of an awful day should befall you.' 26|136|They said, `It makes no difference with us whether you admonish us or be not of the admonishers. 26|137|`This way (of admonition) is merely the manner of the ancients. 26|138|`And we are not at all going to be punished.' 26|139|Thus they cried him lies and We destroyed them. There is indeed, a remarkable sign in this (episode), yet most of them would not be believers. 26|140|And infact your Lord, He is the All-Mighty (to crush and obliterate His enemies), and the Ever Merciful (towards His obedient servants). 26|141|(The tribe of) Thamûd (too) cried lies to the Messengers. 26|142|(Recall the time) when their kinsman Sâlih said to them, `Will you not guard against evil? 26|143|`Surely, I am to you a Messenger, faithful to (my) trust. 26|144|`So take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|145|`I ask no reward from you for this (service I render). My reward lies with the Lord of the worlds alone. 26|146|`(Do you think that) you will be left in peace amidst all (enjoyable things) which you have here, 26|147|`Amidst gardens and springs, 26|148|`And cornfields and date-palms having (fine and heavy) spathes near breaking. 26|149|`And you hew out houses in the mountains with great skill and elated with your greatness. 26|150|`Take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|151|`And do not obey the biddings of those who exceed the bounds. 26|152|`Who create disorder in the country and set not (things) in order (to promote security and peace).' 26|153|They said, `You are merely one of those (mortals) who are (dependent on being) given food. 26|154|`You are nothing but a human being like ourselves. So bring (us) a sign if you are of the truthful.' 26|155|(Sâlih) said, `Here is a she-camel. She will have her share of water (at the water-course), while you will have your share of water at a time appointed (for you). 26|156|`And you shall do her no harm otherwise the punishment of an awful day shall befall you.' 26|157|Notwithstanding (all this warning) they hamstrung her and then they became regretful. 26|158|Consequently (the threatened) punishment overtook them. Behold! there is a remarkably great sign in this (episode); yet most of them would not be believers. 26|159|And indeed your Lord, He is the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful. 26|160|And the people of Lot cried lies to the Messengers. 26|161|(Recall the time) when their kinsman Lot said to them, `Will you not guard against evil? 26|162|`Verily, I am to you a Messenger, faithful to (my) trust. 26|163|`So take Allâh as a shield and obey me. 26|164|`And I ask no reward from you for this (service I render). My reward lies with the Lord of the worlds alone. 26|165|`(Is it not true that) of all people you alone approach males (for sexual satisfaction), 26|166|`And leave that (abode of love) which your Lord has created for you in your wives. `Nay, (the real fact is) you are a people who know no limits.' 26|167|They said, `If you desist not (of admonishing us for sodomy) O Lot! you shall indeed be of the banished ones.' 26|168|He said, `I surely abhor your practice (of going to males), 26|169|`My Lord! save me and my followers from (the evil consequences) of their deeds.' 26|170|So We saved him and his followers, all of them, 26|171|Except an old woman (- wife of Lot), who was among those who stayed behind, 26|172|Then We destroyed the others. 26|173|And We pelted them with a terrible rain (of stones). Look! how terrible was the rain (that descended) upon those who were warned. 26|174|There is a great sign in this (episode), yet most of them would not be believers. 26|175|And indeed your Lord, He is the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful. 26|176|The dwellers of the Wood (in Midian) cried lies to the Messengers. 26|177|(Recall) when Shu`aib said to them, `Will you not guard against evil? 26|178|`Indeed, I am to you a Messenger, faithful to (my) trust. 26|179|`Therefore take Allâh for (your) shield and obey me. 26|180|`And I ask no reward from you for it (- the services I render). Surely, my reward lies with the Lord of the worlds alone. 26|181|`Give full measure and be not of those who give short; 26|182|`And weigh with even and balanced scales. 26|183|`And do not defraud people of their things. Do not go about acting corruptly, creating disorder in the country. 26|184|`Take Him Who has created you and former generations as a shield.' 26|185|They said, `You are simply of those who stand in need of being given food. 26|186|`And you are but a human being like ourselves; as a matter of fact we believe you to be of the liars. 26|187|`So let a fragment of the cloud fall upon us (by way of punishment) if you are of the truthful.' 26|188|(Shu`aib thereupon) said, `My Lord knows best all that you do.' 26|189|Yet they cried him lies, so the punishment of the gloomy day with dark overshadowing clouds overtook them; it was indeed the punishment of an awful day. 26|190|Behold! there is a great sign in this (episode), yet most of them would not be believers. 26|191|Though infact your Lord, He is the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful 26|192|And verily this (Qur'ân) is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. 26|193|The Spirit, Faithful to the Trust (- Gabriel) has descended with it. 26|194|(Revealing it) to your heart with the result that you became of the Warners (- a Prophet of God); 26|195|(The Qur'ân has been revealed) in plain and clear Arabic language. 26|196|Verily, it (is the Book which) finds mention in the Scriptures of the earlier peoples. 26|197|Is it not a sufficient proof for them that the learned among the Children of Israel recognize it (- the Qur'ân)? 26|198|And if We had revealed it to one of the non-Arabs, 26|199|And he had recited this (eloquent word of God in Arabic) to them, (even then) they would never have believed in it. 26|200|That is how We cause it (- the disbelief) take root in the hearts of those who cut off their ties (with God), 26|201|(That) they will not believe in it until they see the grievous punishment. 26|202|So this (punishment) will come upon them all of a sudden (taking them unaware), while they do not perceive (and calculate it). 26|203|They will say then, `Shall we be given some respite?' 26|204|Is that why they seek to expedite Our punishment? 26|205|Do you not see that even if We let them enjoy (worldly bounties) for some more years, 26|206|And then that (punishment) with which they are threatened befalls them; 26|207|That (respite) which they were allowed to enjoy will be of no avail to them? 26|208|And never did We destroy (any people of) a township but it had (its) Warners; 26|209|So that they may be admonished and We are never unjust. 26|210|It was not the evil ones who have brought this (Qur'ân) down. 26|211|It does neither suit them nor have they the power (to reveal it). 26|212|Infact, they (- the evil ones) are precluded from listening (to the Divine revelation). 26|213|Therefore call on no god beside Allâh, for (if you do) you will become of those who are (severely) punished. 26|214|And (Prophet!) warn your nearest kinsmen, 26|215|And be gentle and affectionate to the believers who follow you. 26|216|But if they (- your kinsmen) disobey you, say (to them), `Surely, I am not responsible for what you do.' 26|217|And put your trust in the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful (God), 26|218|Who sees you (at the time) when you stand up (in Prayer, and also for calling the people to the right path). 26|219|And (Who sees) your moving about among those (Companions) who prostrate themselves (before the All-Mighty Lord). 26|220|Verily, He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing 26|221|Shall I tell you to whom the evil ones appear? 26|222|They appear to every habitual and hardened liar (and) great sinner; 26|223|Who listen eagerly (to what the evil ones say), yet mostly they tell them lies. 26|224|And (as for) the poets, it is the erring ones who follow them. 26|225|Do you not see how they wander distracted in every valley, 26|226|And they say (such things) which they do not practice (themselves), 26|227|Except those (poets) who believe and do deeds of righteousness and who mention the greatness of Allâh over and over again and who retaliate (and defend themselves) only after they are done injustice to. Behold! those who acted unjustly will soon know to what (a wretched) end they are heading for. 27|1|Tâ Sîn. These are the verses of the Qur'ân, of the Book that tells the right from the wrong and makes (the truth) manifest. 27|2|(It is) a guidance and good tidings to the believers; 27|3|Who observe Prayer and (regularly) spend in charity and who are such people as have firm faith in the Hereafter. 27|4|(As to those) who do not believe in the Hereafter We had made their deeds (they ought to do) fair-seeming to them, but they wander on aimlessly ( making all sorts of blunders). 27|5|It is they for whom there awaits a grievous punishment. It is these alone who shall be the greatest losers in the Hereafter. 27|6|And as a matter of fact you are being made to learn the Qur'ân from the presence of the All-Wise, the All-Knowing (God). 27|7|(Recall) when Moses said to his companions, `Surely I see with feelings of warmth, of love, something like a fire. I will soon bring you some important information from there or at least bring you a flaming brand so that you may warm yourselves.' 27|8|So when he came (close) to it (- the fire) he was called by a voice, `Blessed be he who is in quest of the fire (of Divine light) and blessed are those around this (place of the fire), Holy is Allâh, the Lord of the worlds. 27|9|`O Moses! the fact is that I am Allâh, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. 27|10|`And put down your staff (on the ground).' When (Moses put down his staff) he saw it shifting about as if it were a tiny serpent with quick movements, he turned his back retreating and did not look behind. (Whereupon We said,) `O Moses! do not fear. Verily, I am the One in Whose presence the Messengers need have no fear. 27|11|`Nor (does he fear) who acts unjustly and commits some evil deed and then changes over to good after giving up evil. I am to such a person a Great Protector, Ever Merciful, indeed. 27|12|`And put your hand into your bosom, it will come forth (sparkling) white without any disease. (These are two signs) from among the nine signs (which you shall show) to Pharaoh and his people. They are truly a rebellious people.' 27|13|But when Our eye-opening signs were shown to them (- Pharaoh and his people) they said, `This is plain witchcraft (to cause disruption among the people).' 27|14|And they strongly rejected them (- the signs) out of spite and arrogance, although their minds were convinced of (the truth in) them. Look, then how (evil) was the end of those who acted corruptly. 27|15|And We granted knowledge to David and Solomon, and they said, `All true and perfect praise belongs to Allâh alone Who has exalted us over many of His believing servants.' 27|16|And Solomon succeeded David and he said, `O you people! we have been taught the language of the birds (and also the technique of horsemanship), and bestowed with everything (essential for us). This indeed is a distinct favour (of God and His grace).' 27|17|And there were gathered together before Solomon his hosts comprising of jinn (- haughty) and (ordinary) men and birds and swift footed horses, and they were then arranged in separate well-disciplined columns. 27|18|(Once he was marching with them) until when they (his armies) reached the valley of (the tribe named) al-Naml, a distinguished Namlite said, `O al-Naml! get into your habitations lest Solomon and his hosts should crush you unknowingly.' 27|19|Thereupon he (- Solomon) wondered and was pleased with (the good opinion the Namlite expressed about his own and his army's power and piety) and said (praying), `My Lord! rouse me up that I may offer thanks for the favours You have shown me and my forefathers and that I should do such deeds as are righteous and may please You, and count me through Your mercy with Your righteous servants.' 27|20|And (once) he reviewed the birds and the (cavalry of) swift running horses and said, `How is it that I do not see (my officer named) Hudhud? Is he deliberately absent? 27|21|`I will certainly punish him very severely, rather I will execute him or else he must give me some valid excuse (for remaining absent). 27|22|But he (- Solomon) had not to wait long (before Hudhud came) and said, `I have acquired that information which you do not possess. I have come to you from (the territory of a Yemanite tribe) Saba' with sure and important news (to tell). 27|23|`I found (there) a (wonderful) woman ruling over them (- the Sabaeans) and she has been given everything (she requires) and owns a magnificent throne. 27|24|`I (also) found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allâh. And satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them (so that they take pride in their practices), and has thus hindered them from the right way, so that they do not follow true guidance. 27|25|`And (satan has done this) so that they do not worship Allâh while Allâh is He Who brings to light all that lies hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows all that you (O people!) conceal (in your minds) and all that you make known (of your designs). 27|26|`Allâh! there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He, the Lord of the Mighty Throne.' [Prostration] 27|27|(Thereupon Solomon) said, `We will now look into it and see whether you have spoken the truth or whether you are of the liars. 27|28|`Take this letter of mine, deliver it to them (-the people of Saba') then withdraw from them and wait what (answer) they make in return, 27|29|(When the Queen saw the letter) she said, `Chieftains! there has been delivered to me a noble letter. 27|30|`It is from Solomon and it says, "With the name of Allâh, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful (I commence to write to you). 27|31|"Do not rise up against me but come to me (surrendering yourselves) in submission".' 27|32|She said, `Chieftains! give me your sound and mature advice in the matter which confronts me, (for) I decide no important matter except when you are present with me (to advise).' 27|33|They said, `We are a people possessing (extraordinary) power and are gallant fighters; but as for the decision it rests with you, therefore you may thoroughly consider what order you want to give.' 27|34|She said, `Surely, when the kings enter a township (as invaders) they ruin it and reduce its most honourable residents to the most degraded positions. And such indeed will be their (- of Solomon and his men's) ways. 27|35|`I am going to send them a (significant) gift and shall wait to see what (answer) the envoys bring back.' 27|36|So when he (- the Queen's envoy) came (with the present) to Solomon he (- Solomon) said, `Do you mean to help me with (your) wealth? Well, what Allâh has given me is far better than what He has given you. You seem to be rather proud of your gift. 27|37|`Go back to them (and tell your people that), we shall certainly come down upon them with hosts they have no power to withstand and we shall, surely, drive them out from there (- their country) disgraced, while they are subjugated?' 27|38|(Later on addressing his courtiers Solomon) said, `Nobles! which one of you will bring me a throne befitting her (- the Queen) before they come to me surrendering in submission.' 27|39|A stalwart from among the jinn said, `I will bring it to you (prepared as you desire), before you rise and depart from your place of encampment. Surely, I am strong and expert enough (to accomplish this task and can be) trusted (with it).' 27|40|One (Israelite) who had knowledge of the Scripture said, `I will bring it to you before your Yemanite (noble guests) come to you.' And when he (- Solomon) saw it (- the throne) set before him he said, `This is due to the grace of my Lord; so that He may reveal my inner self to show whether I am grateful (for all His favours) or ungrateful. Indeed, he who thanks, his thanksgiving is for his own good, and he who shows ingratitude (let him remember that) My Lord is truly Self-Sufficient (and is in need of no praise), Oft-Generous (and Noble in His own right).' 27|41|He (further) said, `Make her own (old) throne seem discredited to her (in her own estimation by making this new throne of a very excellent standard). We shall see (thereby) whether she follows the right way (by discarding her old idolatrous throne) or whether she is (one) of those who do not follow the right way.' 27|42|When she came (to Solomon) it was said to her, `Is your throne like this?' She said, `It is as though it were much the same. We had been given the knowledge (about your excellence and perfection) before this and we have already surrendered in submission (to you).' 27|43|And (Solomon) held her back from the things she used to worship apart from Allâh, for she belonged to an unbelieving people. 27|44|It was said to her, `Enter the palace.' And when she saw it she took it for a great expanse of water. She was greatly perturbed. (Solomon) said, `It is a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass.' She (realizing the truth that she worshipped outward objects like the sun in place of Reality, the true God,) said, `My Lord! I have done injustice to myself and (now) I submit myself through Solomon to Allâh, the Lord of the worlds.' 27|45|And (likewise) We sent to Thamûd their kinsman Sâlih, (who said), `Worship Allâh.' But (as soon as they heard this preaching) they broke up into two factions who contended with each another. 27|46|He said, `O my people! why do you seek to hasten on evil, rather than good, (and you ask for a sign of destruction instead of that of bliss for you)? Why do you not ask for Allâh's protection so that you may be shown mercy?' 27|47|They said, `We have suffered due to you and your companions.' (Sâlih) said, `Your deeds and true cause of your sufferings is with Allâh (Who is punishing you for your evil deeds). Nay, you are a people who are being tried (to distinguish the good of you from the bad). 27|48|And there were in the city a gang of nine (persons) who had upset the order and peace in the country and would not reform (themselves). 27|49|They said one to another, `Let us swear by Allâh that we will surely make a raid on him (-Sâlih) and his family by night and then we will say to his claimant (- the next of kin, if he seeks vengeance) that we were not present at the time and place of the destruction of his family and most surely we speak the truth.' 27|50|And they hatched a plot and We likewise brought forth a counter plan of which they were not aware (that their plotting would go in vain). 27|51|Look, then how (evil) was the end their planning met; We utterly destroyed them and their people one and all. 27|52|So their houses are lying deserted over there because of their acting unjustly. Indeed, in this (episode) there is a great sign for a people who would know. 27|53|(Whereas We destroyed them,) We saved those who had believed and used to guard against evil. 27|54|And (We also sent) Lot (as a Messenger). (Recall) when he said to his people, `Do you commit obscenity while you see (the evil thereof). 27|55|`What! (is it true) you approach men instead of (your) women to satisfy (your) lust? Nay, you are indeed a people who act senselessly.' 27|56|But his people had no reply except that they said, `Drive the followers of Lot out of your township. They are a people who would pose (and parade) to be extra pure and righteous (internally and externally).' 27|57|So the result was that We saved him and his followers except his wife. We had ordained about her (for her foul deeds) to be with those who stayed behind (and thus would not be saved). 27|58|And We pelted them with a terrible rain (of stones). So (look,) how evil was the rain which descended upon those who had been warned! 27|59|Say, `All kind of true and perfect praise belongs to Allâh. And peace be upon those of His servants whom He has chosen.' Who is to be preferred, Allâh or the things they associate (with Him)? 27|60|Or Who is it that created the heavens and the earth, and sends down water for you from the clouds? (It is We.) Then We cause to grow with it orchards full of bloom and loveliness. You had no power to cause their trees to grow. Is there any god with Allâh? (There is none;) yet there are a people who ascribe (to Him) equals (in all these works, and deviate from the right path). 27|61|Or Who is it that made the earth a resting place; and made the rivers flow in it; and raised (on the earth) firm mountains for its advantage; and put a barrier between the two waters? Is there a god with Allâh (as an associate with Him in His works)? Nay, not so, yet most of them do not know (the truth). 27|62|Or Who is it that answers the distressed person when he calls on Him, and removes (his) distress? And Who is it that makes you (the) rulers in the land? Is there any other god with Allâh? Little is the heed you take! 27|63|Or Who is it that guides you (to the path of salvation) in all kinds of darkness (and vicissitudes) on the land and the sea; and Who is it that sends the winds as heralds of His mercy. Is there any god with Allâh (to do such things)? Highly-Exalted is Allâh above all the things they associate (with Him). 27|64|Or Who is it that originates the creation then keeps on repeating and reproducing it, and Who is it that provides for your sustenance (both physical and spiritual) from the heaven and the earth? Is there any other god with Allâh (capable of being a partner with Him in all these works)? Say, `Bring forward your proof (in support of your polytheistic beliefs) if you are truthful (in what you claim).' 27|65|Say, `There is no one in the heavens and the earth who knows the hidden realities save Allâh. And they (- the disbelievers) do not perceive when they will be raised up (to life again after death).' 27|66|Nay, (the fact is) their knowledge about the Hereafter has found its limit. Rather they are in doubt about it (- the life after death). Rather they are totally blind to it (- the existence of God Himself). 27|67|And those who disbelieve say, `Is it that when we and our forefathers have been reduced to dust we shall really be brought forth (alive again)? 27|68|`We have been surely given this promise once before (this) and also our forefathers. But such a thing is nothing but tales of the ancients.' 27|69|Say, `Travel through the land and behold how (evil) has been the end of those who cut off their ties (with God).' 27|70|(Prophet!) do not grieve for them, nor feel distressed on account of their (hostile) intrigues (against you). 27|71|They say, `When will this promise (of your victory) come to pass if you are truthful?' 27|72|Say, `It is possible that a part of that (victory) which you are keen to precipitate may be close on your heels.' 27|73|And infact your Lord is full of grace to mankind, yet most of them render (Him) no thanks. 27|74|And surely your Lord knows the things which they hide in their hearts and those which they profess. 27|75|There is nothing hidden in the heavens and the earth but it is recorded in a Book revealing (the Divine decree). 27|76|Verily, this Qur'ân explains to the Children of Israel (both the Jews and the Christians) most of the things concerning which they are at variance. 27|77|And surely, this is a (source of) guidance and mercy for the believers. 27|78|(Prophet!) your Lord will rightly judge between them (- the believing and the disbelieving people) with His command (- the Qur'ân). He is the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing. 27|79|So put your trust in Allâh, for surely you stand on manifest truth. 27|80|Of course you cannot make the dead hear nor can you make the deaf hear (your) call when they retreat turning their backs (on you). 27|81|And you cannot guide the blind (as well) out of their error. You can make only those to hear who believe in Our Messages and so have surrendered themselves in submission (to Our will). 27|82|And when the judgment becomes due against them (-the unjust) We shall bring forth for them a (grossly) materialistic person which will rule over them (and also an insect which shall wound them to cause plague). That is because the people did not have firm faith in Our Messages. 27|83|And (remind them of) the day when We shall gather together from every people a large group of those who cried lies to Our Messages; then they shall be arranged in separate columns. 27|84|Until when they arrive (before their Lord) He will say, `Did you not cry lies to My Messages before you had gained full knowledge about them? Or what (else) was it that you had been doing (about them)?' 27|85|And the judgment becomes due against them because they acted wrongly and they will not be able to speak (in their defence). 27|86|Do they not consider that We have made the night for them to rest and (have made) the day for giving light. Surely, in this there are signs for a people who would believe. 27|87|And (remind them of) the day when the trumpet will be blown, then, excepting those whom Allâh will (to keep them safe from terror), all those who are in the heavens and all those who are on the earth will be stricken with fear. And everyone shall come in submission to Him. 27|88|You see the mountains and think them to be firmly fixed while in fact they are passing away like clouds. (Such are) the works of Allâh Who has made everything perfect (in every way). Verily, He is fully Aware of your deeds. 27|89|Those who come with good deeds (before their Lord) shall have (even) better reward than they actually deserve. Such people will be secure from fear that day. 27|90|Those who come with (something) evil shall be hurled headlong into the Fire (and it will be said to them,) `You are certainly reaping the fruit of what you have been doing.' 27|91|Say, `In fact I am commanded to worship only the Lord of this city (- Makkah) which He has declared sacred. Everything belongs to Him. And I have also been commanded to be (one) of those who submit (to His will), 27|92|`And to recite (to the people), and follow the Qur'ân; so one who (on listening to it) follows guidance, does it for his own good. And (tell him) who goes astray (from the straight path) that my mission is only to give warning.' 27|93|And also say, `All true praise belongs to Allâh He will soon show you His signs and you shall recognise them. And your Lord is not at all unaware of what you do. 28|1|Tâ Sîn Mîm. 28|2|These are the verses of the perfect Book which explains everything vividly. 28|3|We recount to you (a portion) of the true account of Moses and Pharaoh with all accuracy for the benefit of the people who would believe. 28|4|(The facts are,) Pharaoh behaved arrogantly in (his) land. He divided its inhabitants into parties. He (oppressed them and thus) sought to weaken a section of them (- the Israelites). He killed their sons and sought to make their women immodest by sparing them. Infact he was of the evil doers. 28|5|And We chose to confer favour upon those who had been rendered weak in the land and to make them leaders and to bestow a kingdom upon them, thus make them inheritors (of Our blessings). 28|6|And (We chose) to establish them with all powers in the country and to visit Pharaoh and Hâmân and their hordes with that (power and supremacy) which they dreaded from those (Israelites rendered weak by them). 28|7|And We revealed to the mother of Moses (saying), `Give him (- Moses) suck. But when you have fear about him (- his life) cast him (placing him in a chest) into the river and entertain no fear, nor grief (about his welfare). Verily, We shall restore him to you and shall make him (one) of the Messengers.' 28|8|(Moses' mother cast him into the river according to the revelation,) then one of the family of Pharaoh picked him up with the result that he (one day) became an enemy to and (a source of) grief for them. Verily, Pharaoh, Hâmân and the hordes of them both were all wrong-doers. 28|9|And a woman of (the family of) Pharaoh said, `(This child will be) a (source of) joy and comfort to my and your eyes. Do not kill him, he may (prove to) be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son.' And they did not perceive (Our purpose). 28|10|And the heart of the mother of Moses became free (from anxiety). She would have nearly disclosed his identity ( out of joy, how Allâh had become guardian of her child) had We not strengthened her heart to help her remain of the (firm minded) believers. 28|11|She said to his (- Moses') sister, `Follow him.' So she (followed and) watched him from a distance while they (- Pharaoh's people) took no notice (that she was keeping a watch over him). 28|12|And We had already (ordained and) made him refuse the wet nurses (to be suckled). So (when the question of his suckling arose after Moses was picked up from the river,) she (- Moses sister) said, `Shall I point out to you the people of a household who will bring him up for you and will be his sincere well-wishers?' 28|13|This was how We restored him to his mother so that she might be consoled (to see her child) and should no longer grieve and that she might know that the promise of Allâh was true; (a fact which) most of these (disbelievers of the Holy Prophet) do not know. 28|14|And when he (- Moses) reached his (age of) full growth (and maturity) and attained perfection, We granted him wisdom and knowledge. That is how We reward the doers of good. 28|15|And (one day Moses) entered the city at a time when its inhabitants were idling (in a state of heedlessness), and found therein two men fighting with one another; one of his own party (- an Israelite), while the other (belonged to that) of his enemies. The one who belonged to his own people sought his (- Moses') help against the other who belonged to those of his enemies. Thereat Moses struck him (the latter) with his fist and this brought about his death. He (- Moses) said, `This (death of his) has occurred owing to (his) satanic action; he (- satan) is of course an enemy (of yours) misleading (and) cutting your ties (with God).' 28|16|(Moses) said (praying), `My Lord! I have involved myself into trouble, so protect me.' Thereupon He protected him (from the evil consequences of his act). Verily, He is the Great Protector, the Ever Merciful. 28|17|He (also) added, `My Lord! since You have always been kind and gracious to me, I can never be a helper and a supporter of the guilty?' 28|18|(The next day) early in the morning he entered the city apprehensive (of the enemy and) observing (the situation). And lo! the man who had sought his help the day before (again that day) cried out to him for help. Moses said to him, `You are a misguided fellow, away from the path of peace and piety.' 28|19|And when Moses intended to lay hold of the man (of the day before) who was (now) an enemy to both of them, the man said, `Moses! do you intend to kill me (today) as you killed a person yesterday? You are only trying to figure as a tyrant in the country. You have no mind to be of the promoters of peace.' 28|20|(Then it came to pass that) a man came running from the far end of the city (and) said, `Moses the chiefs are consulting together to kill you. Therefore leave (this place at once), I am, of course, your sincere well-wisher.' 28|21|So (Moses) left that (city) in fear and he kept watching (around) carefully. He said (praying at that time), `My Lord! deliver me from the unjust people.' 28|22|When (Moses) set out turning his face towards Midian he said, `I hope my Lord will put me on the right course till I reach the goal.' 28|23|And when he arrived at the water of Midian, he found there a party of men watering (their flocks) and he found two ladies (standing) apart from them, holding (their flock) back. He said, `What is your problem?' they replied, `We cannot water (our flock) until the shepherds depart (having driven their flocks away), and our father is a very old man.' 28|24|So (Moses) watered (their flock) for them. Then he retired to (a place with) the shade and said, `My Lord! I stand in need of whatever good You may bestow on me.' 28|25|Now one of the two ladies came to him walking bashfully. She said, `My father calls you so that he may reward you for your having watered our flock (for us).' So when he (Moses) came to him and told him all that had taken place (with him), he (the father of the two ladies) said, `Have no fear, you have escaped from the unjust people.' 28|26|One of the two ladies said, `My dear father! take him into your service. You cannot do better than employ a man who is strong and trustworthy.' 28|27|He (their father) said (to Moses), `I intend to marry one of these two daughters of mine to you, provided you stay in my service for eight years. But if you extend (your stay) making it complete ten (years) it will be an act of grace on your part. I have no desire to be hard on you by laying any more burden (of responsibility) on you. Allâh willing, you will find me an upright person.' 28|28|(Moses) said, (accepting the proposal), `This is (a covenant) between us; whichever of the two terms I complete, I will be free from obligation and there shall be no injustice to me, and Allâh is witness over what we have agreed.' 28|29|And when Moses had completed the agreed term and set forth with his family, he saw with feelings of warmth of affection and love, a sort of fire (on the way at a place) in the direction of the mount. He said to his family, `You stay (here) I have seen with feelings of warmth of love and affection a fire. I hope to bring you some useful and important information from there or (at least) a burning brand from the fire that you may warm yourselves.' 28|30|And when he came close to it (- the fire) a voice called out to him from a blessed spot on the right side of the valley, from the direction of a tree, `Moses! surely I am, Allâh, the Lord of the worlds. 28|31|`And put down your staff on the ground.' Then, no sooner did he see it (- the staff) shifting like a tiny quickly moving serpent, than he turned his back and retreated and would not even look back. (God said,) `Moses! come forward, and have no fear. Surely, you are of those who are safe. 28|32|`Insert your hand into your bosom, it will come forth flawless (sparkling) white and draw back your arm towards yourself (to compose yourself) when you encounter fear. So these (two signs) are two proofs from your Lord to (be presented before) Pharaoh and his courtiers. For surely they are lawless and disobedient people. 28|33|(Moses) said, `My Lord! I killed a person from among them (accidentally) and I fear that they will kill me (before I am able to fulfill my mission). 28|34|`And my brother Aaron is more fluent and eloquent in speech than I, so send him with me as a helper to bear me out (for) I fear that they will treat me as a liar.' 28|35|(God) said, `We will surely strengthen your arm with your brother and We will give both of you so much power that they shall not reach you (to do you harm). So (go armed) with Our signs; you two and your followers will come out victorious.' 28|36|So when Moses came to them (- the people of Pharaoh) with Our clear signs they said, `This is but a forged and unprecedented fraud. We never heard such a thing in the time of our forefathers.' 28|37|And Moses said, `My Lord knows best who it is that has brought true guidance from Him, and who shall meet a good end in this world (and will have the reward of final abode in the Hereafter). The truth is that these wrongdoers shall never prosper.' 28|38|And Pharaoh said, `O chiefs of my court! I know for you no god other than myself. And O Hâmân! light a fire for me on (the bricks of) clay and get a high building, (high like a tower) be built for me that I may (by climbing over it) have a look at the God of Moses, for I take him to be certainly of those who tell lies.' 28|39|And he (- Pharaoh) and his hosts behaved arrogantly in the land without any justification and as if they thought that they would never be brought back to Us. 28|40|So We seized him and his hosts and We cast them into the Sea. Behold, how (evil) was the end of these wrongdoers! 28|41|And We made them archetypes (of evil) who invited (people) to the Fire, and on the Day of Resurrection they will find no help. 28|42|And We have made them to be followed by a curse in this world and on the Day of Resurrection they will be among those deprived of all good. 28|43|After We had destroyed the earlier generations We gave Moses the Scripture (which contained) enlightening arguments for the people (of Israel) and (served as) a guidance and (promised them) mercy so that they might take heed. 28|44|(Prophet!) you were not on the western side (of the Mount of Sinai) when We granted Moses the commission (of prophethood), nor were you (personally) present with the witnesses (there when they were making the prophecy about your advent). 28|45|But We have raised many a generation since then (after Moses) and a long period of time has passed over them. Nor have you been living among the people of Midian reciting Our Messages to them. Indeed it is We Who have sent (you as a Messenger) and have revealed all this information (to you). 28|46|And you were not (present) at the foot of the Mount (with Moses) when We called (to you); but all these (revelation) are from the mercy of your Lord, so that you may warn the people to whom no Warner had come (for a long time) before you, that they may attain eminence. 28|47|And (We have sent you to them) lest when some evil befalls them because of that their hands have sent forward, they should say, `Our Lord, why did You not send a Messenger to us? (If You had sent one) we would have followed Your commandments and would have been of the believers.' 28|48|But now that the truth has come to them from Us they say, `Why has he (- this Messenger) not been given the like of that which was given to Moses?' Did the people (- the disbelievers) not reject before this that which was given to Moses? They say, `They (- Moses and Muhammad) are both frauds who support each other.' They also say, `We reject (the claim of) each one of them.' 28|49|Say, `If (Moses and Muhammad are both fraudulent and) you speak the truth, then bring a Book from Allâh which is a better guide than these two (- the Torah and the Qur'ân), that I may follow it.' 28|50|If they (do not accept the challenge and) do not answer you, know that they are just following their own low and evil desires. And who should be more erring than one who leaving aside the guidance from Allâh only follows his own low and evil desires. Verily, Allâh does not guide the wrongdoing people to success. 28|51|We have been sending uninterrupted revelations to them so that they may rise to eminence. 28|52|(Many of) the people to whom We gave the Scripture before this (- the Qur'ân) believe in it (too). 28|53|And when this (Qur'ân) is recited to them, they say, `We believe in it. It is (a revelation) from our Lord, full of truth and wisdom. Indeed, we had submitted (to Him) even before it.' 28|54|They are the people who will be given their reward twice over for they have been suffering patiently (for the cause of the truth). They meet evil by repaying it with good and spend (in the cause of Allâh) out of that which We have provided them with. 28|55|And when they hear something vain they turn away from it and say (to those who indulge in vain talk), `We shall reap the fruit of our deeds and you shall reap the fruit of yours.' (Bidding them good bye then say,) `Peace be upon you. We have no desire to have any concern with the ignorant.' 28|56|(Prophet!) it is not possible for you to guide whomsoever you wish, but Allâh guides whomsoever He will. He knows fully well those who would accept guidance. 28|57|(Some of the) people say, `If we join you and follow (this Qur'ânic) guidance we shall be snatched away from our country.' (Tell them on Our behalf,) `Have We not settled them in a safe (and) secure place to which all kinds of fruit are brought? It is a goodly provision made by Us.' Yet most of them do not know (this true fact). 28|58|We destroyed (so many people of) many a township, who were proud of their civilization and their (easy and plentiful) means of livelihood. There lie their dwellings (all in ruin). They have been but little occupied since. It is We alone Who are Everlasting. 28|59|Your Lord would never destroy the towns until He has raised a Messenger in their central place to recite to the people thereof Our Messages, nor would We destroy the towns unless their citizens be unjust. 28|60|And (O people!) whatever of anything you have been given is only the passing enjoyment of the present life and its (mere) pomp and show. But that (reward) which Allâh has (for you) is much better and more lasting than this. Will you not then make use of your understanding? 28|61|Can the person to whom We have made a fair promise, which will be also made good to him, be compared to the one whom We have provided with good things (of passing nature) of this life and who will be among those brought (before Us to render an account of his deeds). 28|62|(Let these people not forget) the day when He will call to them and say, `Where are My (so called) associated partners about whom you had made (such) pretensions?' 28|63|(Thus) those who have been doomed to condemnation will say, `Our Lord! these are the people whom we led astray, we led them astray even as we had gone astray ourselves. (Now we declare before You that) we have nothing to do with them and we turn to You. It was not us that they worshipped.' 28|64|It will be said (to them), `Call on your (so called) associated partners (with God).' So they will call on them but they will give them no answer. And they will (actually) see the punishment. (How good it would have been) if they had followed the right path! 28|65|(Let these disbelievers not forget) the day when He will call on them and say, `What response did you make to (the call of) the Messengers?' 28|66|But on that day they will become confused and forget all their excuses and they will not even (be in a position to) consult one another. 28|67|Yet he who repents and believes and does deeds of righteousness, is likely to be of those who attain the goal. 28|68|And your Lord creates what He will, and chooses (for mankind) whatever is best for them. People have no (such power and) choice. Holy is Allâh and far above all that they associate with Him. 28|69|Your Lord knows what they keep secret in their hearts, and (He knows) all that they profess. 28|70|And He is Allâh, there is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. All kind of true and perfect praise belongs to Him in the beginning and the Hereafter. The sovereignty and the judgment belongs to Him and to Him shall you be brought back. 28|71|Say, `Have you (ever) considered that if Allâh should make the night continue over you perpetually till the Day of Resurrection there is no god other than Allâh Who could bring you light? Will you not (then) give ear (to the Message of God)?' 28|72|Say, `Have you (ever) considered that if Allâh should make the day to continue over you perpetually till the Day of Resurrection, there is no god other than Allâh Who could bring you night wherein you might take rest? Will you not (then) use your eyes (to witness the signs of Allâh)?' 28|73|Behold! it is through His mercy that He has made the night and the day for you so that you may take rest therein and seek of His bounty and so that you may render (Him) thanks. 28|74|And (let these disbelievers not forget) the day when He will call to them and say, `Where are My (so called) associated partners about whom you had many pretensions?' 28|75|And We shall (on that day) bring out a witness from every people and then say (to the polytheist), `Bring a clear proof of your claim.' Then they will know that the true right (to Godhood) only belongs to Allâh and all (their false deities) that they used to forge will be lost to them. 28|76|Verily, Korah belonged to the tribe of Moses (- the Israelites) but he rose against them (- his own people). We had given him so much riches that his hoarded wealth would have weighed down a party of strong men. (Recall the time) when his people said to him, `Do not exult too much for Allâh surely does not love those who exult beyond measure. 28|77|`And seek the home of the Hereafter by means of that which Allâh has given you. And do not neglect (to acquire) your portion (of righteous deeds) in the present life. And do good to others as Allâh has done good to you. And do not seek to promote evil in the land, for Allâh does not love the evil doers who create mischief.' 28|78|(Korah) said, `(All) this (wealth) that I have been given is because of the knowledge I possess.' But did he not know that Allâh had destroyed before him generations of people who were mightier than he and greater in riches and number? And the guilty shall not be questioned about their sins (their sins being self evident). 28|79|Then (it came to pass one day that) he 28|80|But the men of knowledge said, `Woe to you! The reward which Allâh has for those who believe and do good deeds is much better (than all this), but it shall be granted only to those who are patiently persevering.' 28|81|Then (it came about that) We made him and his household extinct into the bowels of the earth so that he had no party who could help him against Allâh, nor was he of those who could defend themselves and could ask for help. 28|82|Now the very people who had coveted his (lot and) position the day before began to say, `Ruin seize you! it is indeed Allâh Who multiplies the means of livelihood for such of His servants as He will and makes them scant (for such of His people as He will). Had not Allâh been gracious to us He would have sunk us (also into the bowels of the earth). Ruin seize you! (the fact is that) those who are ungrateful never prosper.' 28|83|This is the Abode of the Hereafter, We assign it to those only who do not seek self-exaltation in the earth, nor corruption. Indeed, those who guard against evil shall meet a happy end. 28|84|He who brings good deeds (into the presence of his Lord on the Day of judgment) shall have a reward (at His hand) better than he merits. But he who brings evil (let him bear in mind that) those who do evil shall only reap the fruit according to what they did. 28|85|(Prophet!) He who has made (the teaching of) the Qur'ân binding on you shall most surely bring you back to your ordained place of return, (the place of Pilgrimage - Makkah). Say, `My Lord knows him best who has brought guidance as well as those who are steeped in clear error.' 28|86|(Prophet!) you had never expected that the Book would be revealed to you. It is only the mercy of your Lord (that it has been revealed to you). So do not be a supporter of the disbelievers. 28|87|And do not let them (the disbelievers) turn you away from the commandments of Allâh when once they have been revealed to you. And call (mankind) to your Lord and be not of those who associate partners (with Him). 28|88|Call on no other god beside Allâh. There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. Every thing is liable to perish but those (righteous deeds) by means of which you seek His attention. The sovereignty as well as judgment belongs to Him and to Him you shall all be brought back. Chapter 29|1|Alif Lâm Mîm. 29|2|Do the people think that they will be left alone and not tried with hardships for the mere fact that they profess belief. 29|3|Whereas We did already try those who were before them with hardships. Allâh will surely bring to light those who are true in their faith as He will bring to light also the liars (by putting them into troubles). 29|4|Or do those who do evil deeds think that they will escape Our punishment? How ill they judge! 29|5|He that looks forward to meet Allâh (let him be prepared for it) for the time appointed by Allâh is bound to come. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. 29|6|And he who strives hard (in the way of Allâh) does it, infact, for his own good. Verily, Allâh is Independent of the worlds. 29|7|And those who believe and do deeds of righteousness We shall invariably rid them of their evils and We shall, of course, reward them according to the best of their deeds. 29|8|We have enjoined on a human being to be kind to his parents, but should they stress upon you to associate with Me things which you know to be nothing at all you shall not obey them. You shall all have to return to Me (after all). I shall tell you all that you have been doing (in your life). 29|9|And as to those who believe and do deeds of righteousness We will certainly admit them to (the fold of) the righteous. 29|10|There are some (hypocrites) among the people who say, `We believe in Allâh.' But when they are made to suffer in the cause of Allâh they regard the persecution by people as it were the punishment from Allâh. Yet if help comes from your Lord (and He gives you victory) they are sure to say, `Of course, we were with you, (we should also have a share in it).' Why! does not Allâh know well enough what lies hidden in the hearts of all beings? 29|11|Indeed, Allâh will bring to light those who believe, and He will also reveal the hypocrites. 29|12|And those who disbelieve say to those who believe, `Follow our way and we will bear (the consequences of) your sins (at the time of judgment), whereas they can bear nothing whatsoever of their sins. They are as a matter of fact liars. 29|13|(On the other hand) they will certainly have to bear the burdens of their own sins as well as (some) burdens (of leading others astray) over and above their own burdens. And they will be questioned on the Day of Resurrection about (the lies) that they used to fabricate. 29|14|And we indeed sent Noah to his people and he (- his teachings) stayed among them for (as long as) a thousand years short of fifty years (- nine hundred and fifty years). While his people were steeped in wrongdoings they were caught in the Deluge. 29|15|However, We delivered him and (along with him all) those who were in the Ark, and We made this (event) a sign for the peoples. 29|16|And (We sent) Abraham. (Recall the time) when he said to his people, `Worship Allâh and take Him as a shield. That is best for you if you but knew. 29|17|`(The things) you worship apart from Allâh are only false gods. And (in calling them gods) you forge lies. Those (gods) whom you worship beside Allâh do not have the means to provide sustenance for you. Therefore seek sustenance and provision for yourselves from Allâh and worship Him and give Him thanks for you will be brought back to Him (one day). 29|18|`And if you deny (me) then (you should not forget that) people before you have also cried lies (to their respective Messengers), and the Messenger is responsible only for conveying (the Divine Message to the people) in clear terms. 29|19|`Do the people not (ever) consider how Allâh originates the creation, then continues repeating and reproducing it. This (work of creation and reproduction) is indeed easy for Allâh.' 29|20|Say, `Travel through the earth and observe how He brought about the first creation. Allâh will as well bring about the second creation in the Hereafter. Verily, Allâh is Possessor of (prudential) powers over all (His) desired things. 29|21|`He punishes whom He will (of the guilty) and shows mercy to whom He will and to Him you shall have to be turned back. 29|22|`You cannot escape (Him) on the earth or in the heaven and you have no patron nor (even) a helper apart from Allâh.' 29|23|And those who deny the signs of Allâh and (deny) that they will meet Him are actually despaired of My mercy. It is they for whom awaits a grievous punishment. 29|24|His people had no response to make (to Abraham) but they said, `Kill him (- Abraham) or rather burn him.' (At last they decided upon burning him) but Allâh delivered him from the fire. There are sure signs in this (episode) for the people who would believe. 29|25|(Abraham) said, `You have certainly taken for yourselves idols (for worship) apart from Allâh as a mark of mutual love between you (all polytheist brethren) in the present life. But on the Day of Resurrection you will disown one another and curse one another and your resort will be the Fire and you will have none to help you.' 29|26|And Lot became a believer because of him, and (Abraham) said, `I shall migrate (where I have been commanded to) by my Lord. He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.' 29|27|And We bestowed on him (righteous offsprings,) Isaac (a son) and Jacob (a grandson), and We perpetuated (the gift of) prophethood and the Scripture in his descendants. And We gave him his reward in this life and he will most surely (occupy an eminent place) among the righteous in the Hereafter. 29|28|And (We sent) Lot. Behold, he said to his peo"

Masjid Al-Ahad

Mosque Address Masjid Al-Ahad, 19214 Clay Rd,, Katy, TX 77449, USA
Telephone 713-459-9339
Mosque Directions: At the intersection of Greenhouse and Clay Road. Masjid is located inside a shopping mall. Just Behind the Gas Station and next to the Mexican Store.
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Gregorian Date: September 18, 2014

Hijri Date: 23 Dhul-Qadah 1435

Fajr 5:25
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Magrib 7:00
Isha 8:16

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